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Knock Knock. Housekeeping

Can we come in? Are you decent? OK cool, sorry we've just got to tidy up a bit so things don't get too confusing. Firstly, just before Xmas 2021, we celebrated 1 year of this project. We say it all the time but thank you to everyone who supported us through this year. When it started it was simply an over-elaborate map Neil had made to go on some more themed hikes. We never thought it would develop into what it has today. We have loved all the conversations we've had with people along the way (well, most. There's always one, isn't there). We're grateful to the experts who have given us their time and knowledge, to the people who write the great source material, to anyone who has picked up a print, shared or commented on our posts, to the people who set up and moderate the blogs, boards, etc that we post to and the people who post it to theirs. OK, Bafta speech over. Obviously, by you being here, you will be aware that we have rebranded to "Púca Printhouse. Named after one of our favorite mythical beasts the Púca, and what we kinda do here, also we all like a good bit of alliteration don't we, it makes things jollier and more memorable. As much as we will hate to say goodbye to the oh so imaginatively named and inspiring title Neil used for his shop (NeilParkinsonShop), I know, he was young and naive, we had no idea where this would go, what can we say? We hope to up our game a bit this year, with Charley joining to help with the admin and development side of things, we hope to deliver a bit more of what people have been asking us for. Or at least to be able to streamline the logistics so that we can release more maps in year 2 and possibly undertake some other projects. We have just launched the website as it felt like about time the project had a home outside of Social Media where we could share new work and go into further detail about the content and process of making them. We hope you like it.

We wish you all the best for 2022

Neil and Charley

Púca Printhouse


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