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Mythical Beasts of the British and Irish Isles

Mythical beasts of the british and irish isles

Mythical beasts project

Welcome to the land of King Arthur, Beowulf, and The Green Man where Celtic, Gaelic, German, and Norse stories mix in the misty heath to create one of the world's most diverse and plentiful lands of beasts.


We have a long love affair with the land, our myths, and legends are what helped our ancestors to make sense of it all, and helped lessons learned the hard way to be passed along to future generations. Even the creepy legends are looked upon with fondness and a certain degree of pride. Giants such as Tolkien, Lewis, and Stoker have contributed to the field and the torch has been carried forward by modern authors such as Rowling, Pratchett, and Gaiman. It seems our desire to re-tell and adapt these myths to the contemporary landscape is nothing new, but a continually renewed vow of heritage preservation. And here is our humble offering in the preservation of these stories.

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